Why is it important to update Kinomap App regularly?



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    Hi Cedric, I updated the app from version 3.9.7-344 to the latest 4.03 version. At first sight I was enthousiast, nice overvieuws and much faster then the old one. But when starting cycling the ugly behaviours came above.
    FIrst the distance or duration settings. You can not search by slider but between preselected values. This takes a lot of scrolling when selecting for example a ride of 25 km and you need to scroll between 20 - 30KM. But when I found a ride I click on it, and I want to go back and select another one, then I get a screen refresh and I start to scroll down again from 20KM to 25KM. As you can understand this is very anoying.
    Second the persistance of the selected filters. In version 3 it stayed as I defined but in version 4 they are not persistant and lost. I need to redefine my filters everytime after quit and start the application.
    Third the way of selecting duration and distance. By choosing from predefinied values it takes to long to get to my desired distance or duration. The old way of selecting starting values by a slider is much more convenient. The Hight still can be selected by slider, this should also be the case for distance and duration imho.
    So is upgrading to the latest version always the best? From a presentation layer perspective I can agree for version 4, it looks snappy and faster responding. However unfortunately I can't say this from a functional perspective, and this is what is all about when selecting rides. So upgrading is not always the best I discovered.

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