What process to release a video on Kinomap?




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    Hi, the above info is helpful. But one should realize that a good video is more than just technique. A good/fine video is much appreciated by the user. So in Kinomap's interest , some advice towards the uploaders might contribute to success. 

    Most uploaders are good bikers, few of them are good video makers ...

    So I suggest Kinomap website should give some "advise" to the uploaders:

    - to write a scenario before start the making; best start location, first minutes are most important, one or two co-bikers give more safety, and .. and ...

    - the recreational (indoor) biker wants not only to spin.. but he has time "to look around". Bring more fun to the users = more success to kinomap, i.e. video makers could add subtitles or text info and even pictures in the video. 

    Looking forward

    Ludo Belgium

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    Jan-Philipp Lauer

    Hello Kinomap Team,

    I just tried uploading my first video. However, when I upload the consolidated .gpx file, I receive an unspecified error message and cannot continue the process.

    Could somebody please reach out to me for assistance?

    Thank you,

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