Free, Monthly, Annual and App Life Time / Life Time Duo subscriptions

You can use all Kinomap indoor training apps with different subscription models:


  1. Free. You can access a few videos without any subscription and still benefit from all the features. You're welcome to create a free Kinomap account though, to keep track of your workouts on the platform.
  2. The Monthly subscription is convenient if you just want to access all the videos for a limited period of time (injury recovering, weather situation, etc): you can cancel straight away.
  3. The Annual subscription gives you a better price, providing you sign up for a year (more than 35% discount)
  4. The App Life Time subscription is a one-time subscription to an App, giving you a permanent access without any duration or limit as long as the App remains available on the App Store, Google Play or any similar site
  5. The App Life Time Duo is a family subscription, for 2 users training on the same machine, so using the same App, each user having his own account. The App Life Time Duo can be used by one single user willing to get access to 2 different Apps (like Kinomap Trainer and Kinomap Fitness as an example).

In all cases, once the subscription is taken, the user account is automatically updated and there is no activation code being sent. For the particular case of App Life Time Duo, an activation code is sent by mail giving access to a 2nd user or the 2nd App, within 48 hours.

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