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    Kumar S Rao

    Thank you for adding the Map Mode. I find it very useful to train for the elevation profile for some hilly marathons, such as Boston and Big Sur. 

    I have a couple of questions and suggestions:

    1. Questions: How can I make a GPS track I upload public, so that it can be used by others? Do I need to check any legal fine print of races, such as the Boston Marathon, before I can make the track public? Some marathons have an issue with the use of video recordings for commercial purposes, so I want to be sure there is no such issue with the GPS track. 

    2. Suggestions: 

    a. Would be great if you can allow for a run or ride to start from a particular point on the track, say Km 19.3.  This would allow for one to train for specific parts of the course, or to cover the entire course over a number of training sessions. 

    b. The display and the font sizes are well designed. You are displaying the current section, indicating the gradient and the remaining distance, which is very useful. It will be great if you can also add the gradient (or incline/resistance) for the next section also, so that one can be prepared for the change. 

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    William Davey8

    I have found the Map Mode most useful in my training program. I have various tracks I have prepared that I would like to ride, plus their are some upcoming organized events that I need to train on ahead of time. However I have also found some surprises that need to be ironed out that would enhance the Map Mode's usefulness.

    1. I have noticed that the real-time graph, which is a really good feature, is very memory intensive. As a result the performance of the software is seriously affected by the smart phone or tablet one is using. This is apparent in the average speed which turns out to be well below what one would measure with an independent measurement on the back wheel. As a consquence the distance travelled is grossly under estimated. The real-time pointer also lags behind the actual distance sometimes by as much as 10 km. In the FAQ mention is made that Kinomap will work on a smart phone with at least 1 GB of RAM and at least Android 6. I have tried two phones with 2 and 3 GB of RAM and Android 9 and 11 respectively and neither work well. I got a correct match of speed and distance, and real-time pointer indication, from an iPad with 500 GB working storage, super performance. The Kinomap app does not work under Windows so it is not possible to use a laptop.
    2. The performance of the real time graph is also sensitive to the length of a track. I am working at present with tracks of 50 - 100 km. After round about 30 km the real time graph simply vanishes and never reappears. This really is annoying as the third dimension of the track, which really gives life to the training session track, simply vanishes.
    3. I agree that being able to pick up from a particular point on a track would be a useful feature. In the FAQ it is mentioned that one can resume an unfinished video by hitting a thumbnail in the bottom right corner of a previously unfinished session. I couldn't find this thumbnail in Map Mode. I have instead resorted to breaking my long tracks down into shorter tracks which can be executed in consecutive sessions.

    4. Finally I would find it it useful but not essential to have the option of turning off the Leaderboard. When one is training alone the Leaderboard adds no useful information and is just a distraction. I would prefer to be able to choose only switching windows between the map and the real-time elevation graph.

    I have brought this experience to Kinomap's attention and am waiting for their response. 

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    Irving Severino

    Why isn't there a filter for rowing?

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