Scheduled sessions with mixed devices (cycle, treadmill)?


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    Cedric Turczyn

    Thank you for your feedback.
    This is not cyclists but cross-trainers users that you can see on running videos. 

    In the Kinomap app, cross-trainers users are considered as runners because we think that the produced movement on an elliptical is closer to running than cycling.

    The problem is that some manufacturers consider ellipticals as a cycling equipment, and calibrate it as such. Then we can receive a high-speed value such as 30 km/h which is not possible for runners.

    We are currently working on that topic, we don't have the solution right now as creating a specific category for elliptical users wouldn't have sense because we don't have specific content for them.

    Anyway, be assured that this situation is taken into consideration and we'll try to find the best solution for all, in order to provide a fair challenge.

    Best regards,

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