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    Cedric Turczyn

    Hello Christian, 

    That's an interesting suggestion indeed.

    How do you see that? A user-level according to the distance, the average watts, the duration?

    Best regards,

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    Chris Ba

    Hi Cedric,

    thanks for your answer. This is indeed a tricky question. Let's try get things right:

    Distance: Difficult, because from my point of view distances when running, cycling, rowing have all a different significance so it's hard to use this as a base for experience points.

    Watts: Could be a good pointer, but could be demotivational for beginners. Furthermore, there are currently strong fluctuations in the 'interpretation of watts' per manufacturer of the sports equipment

    Duration: I think at the moment this would be the most reasonable value, because this also motivates to do sports longer.


    Maybe you will find a good middle way from distance + duration, but this should be different for each training type.

    In addition, there could be daily/weekly/monthly targets, such as cycling 30 minutes per week (+30EXP) to provide an extra motivation.

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