Keiser M Series Converter



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    Cedric Turczyn


    I've never heard about this product and it's true that the Keiser brand isn't officially listed in the Kinomap app.

    I suggest you contact them in order to ensure it works well with Kinomap and which brand you have to choose so.

    The problem with a brand that is not listed is that we won't be as efficient in case of troubles as we don't have any contact with this brand nor any equipment for testing.

    Best regards,

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    John Mcmahon

    Thanks.  I heard back from Keiser:

    "Yes, Kinomap is a compatible app with our convertor. You would just connect the converter to the bike then search for the bike through the Kinomap app."

    Think I'll wait until I see it actually listed on the Kinomap app before I purchase their converter.

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