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    Philippe Moity


    About the levels of interactivity

    • Classic means no connectivity. users have to set an external wearable sensor to get any cadence, stride or stroke. Users can also activate the front facing camera of their device to detect on Kinomap any cadence, stride or stroke
    • Smart means you can pair the machine but the resistance or incline has to be set manually. A smart sensor is a sensor you can pair with it
    • Interactive (or smart interactive) means the equipment can be paired (at least being a smart one) but is also motorized to let the App taking control of  the resistance or incline (according to the incline or coach instructions or structured workout).

    Our compatibility list report all brands and products showing their level of interactivity on

    About the video, Kinomap gives you access to 2 modes of training

    • Discovery: the video plays at its recording speed, whatever the user's performance while training. A 30min recording takes 30 min to achieve, at the speed of the video maker. In other words, the duration is set but the distance varies according to the user performance. Under the Discovery mode, we only report on Strava (or equivalent) the effective mileage done indoor as being a fictive ride (even if the training session was a real one :-). 
    • Challenge: the video plays at the user ' speed. The App adjusts the speed of the video to your own speed, to ensure that what you see is where you should have been on the road.I n other words, the mileage is set but the duration varies according to the user performance. Under the Challenge mode, we report on Strava (or equivalent) the entire ride (speed, power, elevation, milage, map) as being a real ride but done indoor . 

    I hope it clarifies a bit. Otherwise, ping us back. 

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