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    Seems I am talking to myself....

    For anyone else out there:

    Final format for upload:
    Ecoding: MP4 with Voribis+H.264 - takes its time to encode but is compatible to most systems
    Format 1080k (Kinomap preference)
    Framerate 60 (Kinomap quality preference)
    Bitrate 8000 (enough for streaming)
    No Sound

    Recording settings:
    Superwide (as possible) Anything smaller (means wider) than 16mm
    Shutter: Auto (except you know it is going go be extremely dark or light)
    ISO 100-1600 (for daylight)
    Exposure -1,5 to -2 (very important, so the sky does not bleach out!!!! - You can always raise the shadows on the editor.
    Shake reduction ON
    Auto-horizon ON (But I had some glitches with that one)
    White-Balance: Auto or native (fairly ok on most cameras)
    Sharpness: High to medium (question of taste)
    Colorprofiles: OFF (I like to match colors later in the editor)

    I do use an external GPS because my Gopros GPS is slow to pick up the position and "less than stellar".
    (Export from a Sumsang Smartwatch seems to work fine - for me)


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    Cedric Turczyn


    Most of the videos that we receive now are 1080p at 60 fps.

    Even if the file is bigger, the quality is clearly better.

    Regarding your recording settings, which camera do you use?

    Best regards,

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    Gopro Max

    What bandwidth would you prefer?

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