scheduled multiplayer sessions - live or not? and strava sections



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    Philippe Moity

    You raised an interesting point. Let me clarify our different training modes.

    When you train on your own, you already have some ghosts, at least the video recorder, maybe yourself if you have trained on that video already in the past (to let you training against yourself). We also displayed people who made it before (real participants but not live) having trained with the same machine/trainer than you to ensure the data are accurate between the participants. If we can't find enough participants having trained on the same model, we show participants having trained with models from the same brand at least.

    When you join a multi player session, anybody can join. If we don't have enough live participants, we apply the same rules than above. Which explained why you found other participants on your last challenge.

    We are about to publish a master release of Kinomap by September time frame, being more social and gaming oriented, to ensure we get more live participants than before. the fact we have so many videos spread the participants quite a lot.

    If you have any question or issue, ping us at



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    Sounds promising with the update, also hear about the ability to create our own profile training, that's a big plus.

    What I would love to see added is being able to upload gpx files from actual rides and then have the bike / trainer follow it with automatic changes to resistance and just a map view of the course as you ride, just as it does with the video rides at the moment.

     Hopefully Kinomap will grab some more of the market away from zwift and trainerroad with the update, more social aspect.

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