Tacx Flow Smart T2240 connection



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    Philippe Moity

    Would you mind to download the TACX Utility App and ensure you get the latest firmware upgrade. it will also be a good check on your Android tablet to see how it pairs using Bluetooth Smart. then let me know at support@kinomap.com

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    Andrew McPhee

    Yes, I've just done that. It says the machine is up to date (version 3.1.22/0.4.3). I have tried repairing it using both the Tacx Flow Smart Ant+ and Bluetooth versions listed on the app - neither is picked up.

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    Cedric Turczyn


    The 3.1.22 firmware version doesn't support the FTMS protocol, meaning that your Android device must have an integrated ANT+ chipset or you have to plug an ANT+ USB dongle.

    TACX is currently deploying a new firmware (3.3.24) supporting the FTMS protocol which is a generic Bluetooth protocol for fitness equipment. Please send us an email at support@kinomap.com if you are interested in installing this new firmware manually ( the process is really easy ;) ).

    Best regards,

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