DKN Heart Rate Monitor Bluetooth Smart



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    Philippe Moity

    Not sure about the model you have. Does it support Bluetooth Smart (BLE). you have a logo on the chest belt.

    If the HRM is paired with the treadmill, the treadmill console should send us the HR as well as the speed and other data from the treadmill. 

    An alternative can be to pair the HRM with Kinomap directly so the app gets 2 paired devices being the HRM and the treadmill (not doable if having a Polar P38 or specific HRM having a proprietary wireless. 

    Please check and confirm.

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    Philippe Moity

    I just had a look at

    so please pair it with Kinomap as secondary sensor

    Can I also connect external sensors?

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    Dirk Bollaerts

    Thanks Philippe for the quick reply.

    Kinomap recognizes the DKN HRM, it supports Bluetooth Smart. However, as soon as I switch the treadmill on, it disappears.

    I also tried to remove the HRM from Kinomap and no results are shown on the treadmill nor Kinomap. I will give it another try tomorrow to see that changing the sequence of connecting to the app and switching on the treadmill changes anything.

    I'n not hesitant to buy another HRM which works with Kinomap if you can recommend one.

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    Philippe Moity

    Would you mind to email us at it will be easier for the follow up. I will ask my colleague to have a try on tomorrow and adjust if required. For sure, HR should disappeared  when the treadmill is paired.

    thanks in advance


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