Cannot download the full training info



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    Cedric Turczyn
    Thanks for reaching us.
    There is something strange indeed with the TCX file.
    The other strange behavior is that I only see one session whereas you mentioned that you resumed it twice..
    I'll investigate it quickly.
    Sorry for the bad experience.
    Best regards,
    Cedric. . 

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    Gabor Turi


    I had same experience today. I started a 00:59:17 long video for training on my elliptical. During the run unfortunately I pushed my phone's home button. I didn't stopped, just got back to Kinomap and realised that I need to push the resume button.

    After doing it I found that all the telemetry data continued to just the time counter restarted from zero.

    After I finished the run on my Dashboard appeared a mixed result. The length in "km" of the run and the burned calories OK, the time of the training is just the first part (00:45:21) and looks like it's not completed just 77%.



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