Speed is wrong



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    Fevre Jean Michel

    I have the same problem
    kph display instead of kmh
    thank you for helping

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    Harald Kurz

    Jean Michel, I don't understand, what do you mean by "kph display instead of kmh" ... kph and km/h are both terms for the same identical thing. 

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    Have you fixed this? Yesterday everything worked well, today a have the same problem

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    Ocram NDH

    Same problem here, i have tested kinomap app and kettmaps app with both devices like Smartphone and Tablet.

    The cadence is right but the speed is mutch to slow.

    I use an Kettler Golf C2. It means i use the camera sensor on my device.

    Please fix it. I would like to buy the FULL ACCESS Subscription but with the low speed i can´t use the app correctly.

    The Videos are stocking in Challenge Mode.

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