My performance does not appear in the ranking, why?




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    carlo mariani

    Hi Cedric i agree with your article, about some people that play dirty game. but people like me that don't have an interactive equipment, and use the equipment in the correct way (changing the resistance level when the app asks them to) what we have to do when there is a long descent and we must ride like crazy for keep the speed? maybee you could introduce some algorithm in the app that work on climb and descent, that can help people without interactive equipment to get the right perfomance.


    thank you.



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    Cedric Turczyn

    Hello Carlo,

    The algorithm works well, either on climb or descent. 

    If users apply the resistance we suggest to him, the calculated performance is good. But if a user doesn't change the resistance when we ask him to, then his speed is clearly higher than it should be.

    Best regards,

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