Kinomap Fitness, Kinomap Trainer or... Kinomap?

Before January 8th 2018, you had 2 choices to train based on Kinomap videos:

  • on your home-trainer/turbo trainer, for cyclists, using the app called Kinomap Trainer
  • on your cardio fitness equipment (exercise bike, crosstrainer, treadmill or rowing machine) using Kinomap Fitness

Starting January 8th, a single app called "Kinomap" is now available and handles all the equipments in one app. All running subscriptions, all past workout activities have been switched automatically to the new application.

If you still have Kinomap Fitness or Kinomap Trainer, it might ask you to update at launch: please either follow the provided link, or just uninstall the app and install Kinomap instead. 



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