How is the bike speed calculated in the training apps?




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    Dear Kinomap,


    Is there a possibility to calibrate the speed. I've a Flow Fitness DSB600i Interactive Spiningbike and it's embarrassing how fast I should be.

    My rides are all published on Strava and I'm often getting the comment when I'm becoming a pro.

    When I look at the ratings of the Hammer Series, it surprises me that the top 10 are all Interactive Spinningbikes or interactive hometrainers. It's the only reason for me not feeling guilty of being third.

    My rides are in my opinion on average 30% to fast and the power is on average 30% to high.

    10%-15% I can explain, because you don't have to brake before corners and other traffic. But the rest is wrong input from the bike.

    Can you think of a solution, I am becoming tired of al the comment I'm getting and think cycling with Kinomap is to much fun not to do it for the comment.


    Your sincerely,


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    I have the opposite problem compared to the user above: I have connected an elliptical (Focus Fox 3 iPlus) and almost can't get above 7 km/h, even with massive effort. Whe running in real life I can easily sustain 9-13 km/h.

    Is there anyway to calibrate the speed to be more realisticly matching the effort made?




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    Definitely agree with the other posts. I wish that I could have the option to mirror the speed from my indoor cycle for consistency purposes so that when my bike reads that I'm going 15mph the Kinomap app doesn't show me as going 45mph. That disparity is ridiculous.

    Also to be able to calibrate the running cadence would be huge. The app says that my speed is 15mph, when in reality it is 8mph. Just too big of a difference to make the app realistically usable.


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