What are Kinos?


If you are familiar with Strava and the Kudos, you will understand the Kinos. The Kinos are a valuation of your effort based on the energy spent. Scientifically, it is equivalent to Kilo-joules (Wattage x time). We use Kinos as an incentive, adding some bonuses if you reach milestones and ride a video to the end.
We also believe the Kilo-joules calculation is more accurate than calories as calories really depend on anyone's metabolism.

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    Many thanks

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    So in regards to Podium places it is the person who attains the highest amount of Kinos over the whole activity?

    Surely this is a little unfair as a 16 stone man is going to get far more than an 8 stone woman?

    I was looking at one of my activities and the person third (a man of big build) had an average wattage of 209 and attained over 1400 kinos whilst myself had an average of 149 watts, only weight 8 stone and only got 770 kinos and I did it 5 minutes faster than him!

    Surely there should be differentiation between men and women too?

    Just curious :-/

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    Laurent Desmons

    Lindsay, you make a good point... We chose Kinos instead of time as the default way to make rankings because it works in both Challenge and Discovery modes. But indeed, it emphasize on "Watt producer" so heavier people. For sure we will update the rankings in the coming month to allow also male/female comparison. You can already sort the overall ranking table by time though. Thanks!

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    Thanks for explaining. It certainly would be nice to see Kinomap being 'more inclusive' for females with how the Podium Places are worked out. As it stands using the 'Kinos method' is making it far more biased towards the male users. It would be nice if it transferred over to the more commonly used measurement of 'time taken' and within that male/female categories. I think if it went by time it would certainly make you push yourself more, but as it stands for us females there is no point as we will never attain the amount of Kinos the men do to ever get a Podium place :-(

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