What is the function of camera tracking / front camera?

On Kinomap Fitness, your front facing camera on your smartphone can be used as a cadence, stride or stroke sensor, just looking at the movement of your head to calculate your speed.

To add it on your Kinomap APP, just follow these insctructions : 

- Go the the main menu at the left

- Tap on 'Equipment' menu

- Tap on the '+' button at the top right corner

- Choose your kind of sport equipment ( exercise bike for this example )

- Choose the brand 'other' 

- Choose the 8 or 12 levels depending your equipment.

- Tap on camera . 

Now you see a new page ( Step 4/4) : tap on front camera. 

Than tap on save at the top right corner. 

The optical sensor is now added. 

When you'll start a training session, you will see your face at the bottom right corner to adjust the positioning of your TAB or smartphone.

Once it's detected, your face disappear to see the dashboard. 

You can now start your training session.

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