How to use the ctnet software on a Windows PC with Kinomap Trainer?

Here are the steps to connect the CompuTrainer to a Windows PC and find it on an iOS device:
- Go to, click on the computrainer icon and click on "FULL INSTRUCTION"
- Download the ctnet program by clicking on "Windows". You should have a file named "ctnet-server.exe"
- Create a folder "computrainer" on your desktop and paste the "ctnet-server.exe" file in the directory
- Open "ctnet-server.exe"
- Make sure your compuTrainer is running and plug it to your PC
- You should see something like on the screenshot "Terminal-1.jpg"
- Then launch Kinomap Trainer and go to Equipment/Add new equipment/CompuTrainer
- Click on search
- Once the compuTrainer is found you should see something like "". Click on it
- On your PC, you should see something like on the screenshot "Terminal-2.jpg"
- Then you can start a video on Kinomap Trainer

In the case where "MSVCR110" is missing, click here

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    OK, I have followed the above-mentioned steps up to launch Kinomap Trainer. I am using a windows 8 system; is there a link to download Kinomap?

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    ok I have opened the KinoMap on ipad.

    Still nothing.

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