How can I display the indoor training apps on a big screen?

For a more immersive experience, you can send the main screen of your APP, directly on your television. 

1. Chromecast : You need a Chromecast key plugged on your TV and a compatible device. You can check the optimized devices for android screen casting at

If you need help to set up your Chromecast, you can follow this guide :

2. MHL : You need a phone or tablet and a TV set compatible with this extension of the HDMI. Learn more here.

3. Airplay : You can follow this guide : By the way, you can have some issues depending on the quality of your WIFI connection (lag, disconnection)



Additional options for IOS :

Once you are connected to your TV, you can choose 4 different views : 

- 1st external display mode : Video, elevation profile, dashboard and map are on your TV

- 2nd external display  mode : Video, elevation profile and dashboard are on the TV. You continue seeing the MAP on your equipment.

- 3rd external display mode : You see only the video on the TV, and all the others informations stay on the APP.

- Mirror this screen : you see on your TV, what you see on the APP. 

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