I can't connect to my Wahoo Kickr on Kinomap Trainer whereas it works on Wahoo Fitness APP.




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    marc steingrand

    Are you as,ing do deleite the wahoo app?

    Or just closing it complete down?

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    I use CVT as well. For me they are both great apps. But right now CVT works and kmap just will not connect. Wahoo utility and fitness both been connected to KICKR. So, why does kmap not connect???????

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    I agree with Patmatch, the CVT app works perfectly and connects consistently.

    It seems that if you have an iPad, another iPad and and iPhone, that it does not matter, you cannot consistently connect to the Kickr or Kickr Snap.  The apps are totally irregular.

    We have tried turning off bluetooth and then on. deleting the app, turning off all other apps, turning on and off the Kickr, tweaking our settings but all of this does not matter.

    We have corresponded with Kinomap people and one would expect that they would just say, yes, we hare having some problems, but this transparency does not seem to be in their dialogue.

    The Upload function, although slick at first, has a backend altitude program that completely screws up your data.  Most particularly, they use data sources that do not know the difference between land and sea.

    Most troublesome is that the old edit drag function for altitude is gone, now we must trust the upload application to do what we know better as the ride or a good ride.

    The CVT app still is better.  KinoMap has potential but they do not know how to call an ace and ace and a spade a spade.

    We hope they will fix things soon.  Also, the lack of correspondence between Kino Trainer and Kino Fitness is absurd.  Why would you not want them to see each other.

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    Ray Van Kogelenberg

    2 years it would appear this still hasn't been fixed. As soon as I start a training session, it can't connect to the KICR.

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