How to connect a Wattbike to Kinomap Trainer/Fitness?

First, you need to have a Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle.
On your Wattbike:
    - Select "Settings" and then "Device Settings" tab
    - Select ANT channel
    - Select "Bike Power"
    - Go back to the main menu
    - Select "Just Bike" and start pedaling
On Kinomap Trainer/Fitness app:
    - Open left menu and select the "Equipment" section
    - Select "Add new equipment"
    - If you are on Kinomap Trainer, select "Home Trainer". If you are on Kinomap Fitness, select "Exercise bike"
    - If the Wattbike is detected, you should see "Power sensor", just select it
    - Then, click "Save" to save your equipment in the app

Wattbike ANT+ documentation:
Wattbike ANT+ video tutorial:

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