What is the difference between Kinomap, Kettmaps, B'TWIN Training, Skuga and BH by Kinomap?

All these applications allow you to discover the world from home while you are training:

kinomapIcon1024__1_.pngKinomap: This app is dedicated to fitness equipment and home trainers.

BHbyKinomap1024.png- BH by Kinomap: This APP is dedicated to the BH equipment. 

KETTMaps1024.png- KETTMaps: This app is dedicated to the Kettler equipment. 

BTWINTraining1024.png- B'TWIN Training: This app is dedicated to B'TWIN equipment.


Note: These 4 apps allow you to ride on the same videos and have the same options. The only difference is the hardware support. 

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