How to connect my equipment according to its communication protocol ?

There are different ways to connect your phone or TAB to your fitness equipment / home trainer, according to the communication protocol used by the manufacturer.

1. Bluetooth classic (3.0): 

  • IOS : you must pair your equipment from the IOS Bluetooth settings first, then add it from the APP.
  • Android : you must pair your equipment from the Kinomap APP directly. 

2. Bluetooth Smart (4.0): Only supported since iPhone 4S/iPad 3 and Android 5.0

  • IOS : You must pair the equipment from Kinomap APP directly.  
  • Android : You must pair the equipment from Kinomap APP directly.

Note : A Bluetooth Smart equipment can not be detected if already connected to another app or another device. Do not forget to close (or kill) any other App that might be connected to it.

Do not pair a Bluetooth Smart equipment from the IOS settings first because otherwise, you won't see it in the APP.

3. ANT+ : To pair an ANT+ equipment, you have to do it from the APP directly. 

Note : ANT+ module is not integrated on iPhone and iPad. You have to buy a dongle if you want to use this technology.

- You can find an ANT+ dongle on the WAHOO website for example : DONGLE ANT +

- For Apple products having a lightning connector, you also have to buy a 30-pin adapter : Lightning to 30-pins adapter

Regarding Android phones, some brands like Samsung or Sony integrate an ANT+ module in their phone or TAB. Otherwise, you can buy a dongle like this : Dongle ANT+ micro USB


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