Why Kettmaps doesn't detect my Racer S ?

The Kettler Racer S uses the Bluetooth 3.0 protocol. 

First, don't forget to enable the bluetooth on the Racer S by pressing the OK Button for more than 5 seconds.


If you have an Apple equipment, you have to pair it first from the IOS settings before adding it on Kettmaps. (Only required for Bluetooth classic equipment)

To add the equipment on IOS, go to the 'settings' menu, then select 'Bluetooth'. You will see this page : 


Select your Racer S and connect it.

Once connected, you will see it :


Now you can add your equipment on Kettmaps. 

Note : If you have an Android equipment, you can directly add the Racer S from Kettmaps, without connecting it from the Android Bluetooth settings. 

Note 2 : If you have a Racer S 2018 (new generation), you must skip the pairing from IOS Bluetooth settings and directly pair it from Kettmaps.

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