How to create an account from Kinomap APP ?

By connecting with your Kinomap account, you access to your own videos and your favorites.

You also have the ability to rate and comment videos you have trained on.

You have many possibilities to create an account on Kinomap :

  • With Facebook : you just have to login with your Facebook account
  • With external sport APPS : STRAVA and Under Armour
  • With your google account.

Once you will be connected to one of them, it will automatically create an account on kinomap

You can also create an account manually, by clicking on ‘create account’. Then you’ll have to type :


  • Your mail adress
  • Your username
  • Your password
  • Your name.

Just tap on ‘sign up’ when finished.

Now you can connect to Kinomap with your account and fully enjoy the experience. 



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