My Racer S is connected to KETTMaps but I can't train : power remain to 0 Watts: what should I do?

If you have a first generation Racer S, with article number 7988-700 and a firmware version V1R23, you might need to get an update of your console if you see a Watt value of 0 (cadence is ok).

This process can't be done by end users themselves but a process is available through Kettler customer service.

Note that most of Racer S are ok. 

How to detect the version of firmware concerned by the issue:

  • If searching for bluetooth device, Racer bluetooth mode shows an antenna symbol instead of blue white ring
  • And Finding BT device with the name "Racer S xxxx" (lower case "acer") instead of "RACER S xxxx" in the smartphone/tablet settings

If your model is concerned, please contact us at with your serial number.

Only consoles in this case will be handled.


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